Tuesday, March 6, 2007

KONG Issue Zero Cover is in

Dan O'Connor delivered the final approved cover to issue zero of KONG: KING OF SKULL ISLAND tonight. That was a treat. He is already hard at work on the eight page teaser story in issue zero.
I am so stoked for this project. It is an icon and I get to write him for his 75th anniversary. Wow!
We are talking to the Empire State Building to have a possible gallery show and party for KONG's 75th! Jim Hanley's Universe (my buddy, Vito) is across the street and will be hosting a signing for issue one the same night. I'll post when I know the date. We are also thinking about drinks at the eatery right inside the ESB, Heartland Brewery.

Bruce is coming along with pages for HERETIC. Here is one. He is kicking ass on this project. He is literally my favorite artist to work with thus far into my fledgling career. He is just a workhorse and we have a ton of similar interests. We have vowed that someday we will earn enough money to quit comics and join the world poker tour.
We had our first review for Heretic today at www.bookgasm.com . It was fairly cool but I think the reviewer may not read too may comics. He liked our version of HERETIC, but I don't think he understands comic book art.

HERETIC #1 comes out tomorrow in NOrth America. I hope people dig it. Bruce and I (especially Bruce) worked hard to bring Joe Nassise's book to life. I hope he is proud of it.

On other fronts, SMOKE & MIRROR is coming out later in the year to finish what we started. Daniel Bradford is back on art and he is looking good. I am so glad we are back on. There really isn't any other artist in my book for the series anymore. It is kind of like Breyfogle with OF BITTER SOULS. I would have a tough time working with anybody else for that series just like I would have a hard time working on SMOKE & MIRROR without Daniel Bradford.

Check these out:

If I haven't shown any art for NO OTHER GODS (which I am co-writin with Brian Augustyn) then here is Alessandro Scacchia:

I started 13 STEPS #2 tonight. I am going to try and do that, finish HERETIC #3 edits, and write KONG #1 all before the end of this weekend.


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